4 Easy Ways to Remove Stumps

After cutting down large trees in your yard many wonder what to do about the remaining stump. There are several options when it comes to removing the eye sore that is left behind. The most common methods include digging by hand, grinding it with a tool, burning it, or using a chemical stump remover.

Digging the stump by hand

First you should dig around the roots. Use a shovel to dig around the perimeter to expose the surrounding roots below. Be sure to dig deep to uncover the largest roots as much as possible. If the roots are very large or too deep you may want to consider a different root removal method. Digging works best when you are able to uncover nearly the entire root without too much of a hassle. Once you have the largest roots uncovered cut these using clippers, and ax, or a root saw. Cut them into smaller pieces for easy removal. After all of most of the major roots have been severed you should easily be able to remove the stump. Next be sure to fill the remaining hole with loam or sawdust. This will ensure the ground where the stump was will not collapse.

Stump Grinders

Stump GrinderThese machines can be rented by the day from major retailers such as Home Depot and Lowes. This tool will grind the stump and root system up to a foot below the ground. You can also hired trained professionals to do this work as well. Click here for tree professionals in Waterbury Connecticut. Be sure to wear gloves, goggles, and ear protection when operating the stump grinder. First place the machine over the stump and turn it on. The tool will grind the stump’s surface and continue in a downward motion toward the roots. You’ll need to pivot the stump grinder around the stump to take care of all the roots. Once you finish this task shovel the remains and dispose of them. Finally fill the hole with sawdust or loam to finish the job.

Stump burning

This method is easiest but can take a while to complete. First you will need to build up a wood fire on top of the stump. Also gather more wood to place around the stump to make it the center of the fire. You’ll also want even more wood to keep the fire going for as long as it takes the fire to light the stump and burn it to the ground. This may take several hours. Once the stump has dissolved and the fire has gone out take a shovel and dispose of the ash. Then fill the hole with loam or sawdust to stabilize the ground.
Chemical Remover

This product can be purchased at department stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. Step one would be to drill holes into the stump. Create large holes and space them evenly for the stump to absorb the chemicals. Once the holes are drilled follow the instructions on the bottle and pour it in. The chemical will allow the wood to soften and rot away quicker. After this monitor the stump it may take a few weeks for it to become easy enough to remove. During this time you’ll want to keep children and animals away from the stump. When the chemical softens the stump up enough for it to be easily removed grab an ax or shovel to chop it up. Remove the pieces of the stump until it is level with the ground. To finish the job build a fire over the remaining stump and burn it to the ground. Doing this will remove the remains of the stump and its roots. After the fire has burned out dispose of the ash and stabilize the ground with sawdust or loam.

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